11th december 2011

 I know i said in the last D.U.S magazine that i would make a comp and stuff but i just havent had the time and i need more follower to be able to do that. And i also said i would update it weekly but i havent got time for that so i have decided to change it monthly.

I cant believe its almost christmas, its exacly 2weeks today. Although here in ireland it doesnt really feel like christmas. So i have decided for this magazine its going to be out christmas special!
On our sister blog centre of stardoll we are going to be doing a special podcast (its basically a broadcast) and we will be talking about random stuff updates on stardoll, christmas, playing music. You know stuff like that. Its going to be great all of yous here at down under stardoll should listen to it.

Our new writer sabruntapaam is doing a great job here at the blog. She has been posting great stuff for all the folowers here at Down Under Stardoll. I dont know how she has the time but im so grateful that i have found a writer as good as her! thankyou so much

hilldufffan (click HERE to visit her suite)
 her achiements...
 ~NCG for the emirates and lebannon 4 times!
~ 2nd place catwalk
~7th and 6th hottest design
~ enitre elle collection
~over 160 hotbuys
~ over 75 LE


Here are some rooms in her suite....

hope you all will take the time to visit her suite and vote her.

thankyou.. and bye for now


and merry christmas

6th november 2011 

this is our first issue so firstly i would like to welcome our new writer sabrunta.paam.

okay so im thinking off starting a comp here at downunderstardoll but we really need more members for me to do this so im really asking for all your help to come together and help this blog get some more members because this blog will only get better and defintley not be fogotten about !!!

so my ideas for the comp would be ......
~best dressed medoll

This weeks medoll is going to have to be .......
Cherry..xo (click here to visit her and her suite)

this is my favourite room in her suite ........

hope you wil take the time to visit her she really deserves cg even though she has gotten ncg for ireland i think she deserves cg. Also visit and join her blog centreofstardoll.blogspot.com .

thank you ...


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  1. i hope use all like the first issue of the D.U.S magazine!!